Friday, February 8, 2013

Old Tracks by the River

So it's obvi been a while since my last post, and I was itching like crazy to get outside with my camera. I went to Al Borlin Park in Monroe, which I'm pretty sure is supposed to be named after Al Borland from Home Improvement - they just misspelled his name!

I wanted to find old train tracks to photograph, and this park had them. And woods and a river, my other two favorite things :) Enjoy!

I found it difficult to walk along train tracks.The wooden ties are not spaced evenly and some are crooked. Strides are too short if you step on each tie, but too long every other. And with their uneven spacing, your foot doesn't quite fit on the ground in-between most of the time. It's a process that forces you to slow down and take your time, which I had no problem with.

I found this crate just sitting here in this spot. Convenient photo opp, so I couldn't pass it up!

Closer to the river, I could walk under the old tracks -- avoiding the dripping slime, of course :)

I loved how everything was coated in this lime green gunk. So colorful against the dark tar-covered pilings.

Here is a small branch of the river where the water was a bit calmer

 Some dead ferns growing under the dead railroad

Lots of shiny dried tar along the pilings


Tall dead golden grass always makes for great pictures, especially against the dark backdrop of a shadowy railroad and rain clouds


I love little grass sprouts like these - I used to chew on green ones in our yard when I was younger and pretend to be a farmer :)

The sun was making appearances that day, and I also liked when it hid behind clouds


Just some maple leaves, hugging a log

I could see miniature hobbits living here 

I was walking along the park road trying to find where my car was, when I turned around and thought it was pretty. Turn around sometimes when you are out with your camera; you might be surprised by the perspective it gives you.

I stopped on a trail and thought my boots made good subjects :)

I finally found Sven! His recently washed sunroof also made for a convenient photo opp.

Hope you liked these pics, and remember to always keep your eyes open to new and unexpected angles, perspectives, and subjects for your photos. It makes them a lot more interesting!

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