Sunday, January 13, 2013

Angel Rock Climbs

Before putting away the Christmas decorations (really late, I know), I wanted to capture some shots of my beautiful angel. I crafted her when I was a wee child and she holds a special place in my heart and our living room every Christmas. The other day she was bored. I told her to go outside, followed her, and documented the following adventure.

I said playing outside might make her happier. She looked at me like I was crazy. And it's not just because of her missing eye, which disappeared some time ago in an unfortunate accident, the nature of which I'm not entirely certain. 

 But she relented and turned to ponder the grass. It was not stimulating.

 "I'm so bored!" she whined after rolling around on the porch bench for a while.

"You know," I said, "I've heard rock climbing is a pretty good cure for boredom. And there's a pillar you can climb right over there."

 "...a cure for my boredom?" She looked uneasy. "I'm just not sure. I mean, I've never done rock climbing before, and people tell me my upper body strength isn't superior. But you say it's just over there? Maybe I'll take a look."

 "Holy guac. It's so tall. I don't think I can climb all the way up that."

 "Seriously, I'm barely taller than the arm of this bench..." I could see she was thinking; the gears in that solid wooden head were turning. It was an intriguing endeavor for the little angel.

 Then she jumped on the bench arm with sudden enthusiasm, the likes of which I'd rarely seen from her. And with determination comparable to that of a slug that dreams of flying, she shouted, "For the sake of my sanity, I have no other choice but to conquer this giant rock-beast!"

 And so began the climb. It was tough, and she often had to look up to see how far was left, using only her strong feet to grip the pillar as she leaned back and detached her doily arms.

 After much huffing and puffing, she finally reached the top!

 "I'm exhausted. My doily arms can't take that kind of stress!" she cried while resting on the bench in utter fatigue. "But at least I'm not bored anymore!"

And that's the end of my angel's adventure. Maybe she'll make an appearance again next year in an exciting sequel! Stay tuned.

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  1. BEST ANGEL ADVENTURE EVER! Glad she survived the climb. Also, I learned in my ophthalmology lecture last week that if you only have one working eye, you should guard it with your life. You may need to make her a pair of glasses. :)