Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Frosty Frolicking

Happy New Year! 2013 should be full of big, exciting happenings and I hope you have a wonderful year. Maybe they will even find bigfoot or I will get a picture of a unicorn in its natural habitat. One can hope.

Anyway, to celebrate the new year a few of us went up to my friend's cabin in the San Juan Islands. I woke up [fairly] early to an amazing display of foggy, frosty, eerie weather goodness. So I ran down, grabbed my camera, put on my penguin cut-off gloves, and romped around the yard to capture it all.

 I love frosty grass. It's so cool and makes its own fantastic contrasts.


 Then I found this amazing table that has seafoam green tiles in it, and there is a quaint little world of life growing in the cracks.

 If I was a miniature person living here, I would definitely hike and picnic on this little peninsula.

There are also several Madrona trees on the property which have awesome peely bark. I liked this shot looking up the tree.  

 A couple hours later, the fog cleared and everything started thawing so I got a good shot of the bay. Wishing I had a telephoto lens to capture the details of this scene, but it's still pretty. 

This is a great time of the year to get out in the early morning light when nature is still half asleep to get some shots of frozen water beads and cold trees. Since it was overcast, I had the white balance set to "cloudy" and the exposure generally +1/3 of a stop to make up for the darker lighting outside.

Go take some pictures of old man winter, and don't forget your gloves!


  1. These photos turned out AMAZING!!! I would totes frolic with you on that little peninsula.